Talent Talks: eCommerce Content Marketing with Victor Dwyer

Talent Talks: eCommerce Content Marketing with Victor Dwyer

Learn how eCommerce businesses can develop successful content marketing strategies with insights from expert Victor Dwyer.

Welcome to another exciting edition of Talent Talks: eCommerce!

In this interview, we sit down with Victor Dwyer, an expert in eCommerce content marketing, to discuss his insights and strategies for helping businesses develop and execute a successful content marketing plan. From creating engaging content to integrating social media marketing, Victor shares valuable tips and advice to help your eCommerce business stay ahead of the competition.
Victor: Most businesses aren't very good at content and that's where we come in and help them host a podcast to help scale out their content and post it on social media for them.
Victor: We take the content from the podcast that we think will be most engaging and post it on social media to test what we think will do the best. It is important that this is marketing, not sales, our goal is to get the brand awareness out there.
Victor: Most businesses are only doing text content and not doing a great job on their video content. We help get it close to more reel based content which is more short form which is how everything is heading.
Victor We are basically their dedicated marketing team that helps scale out their content to make them authorities in their own niches.
Victor: They make their content too self promoting and too "salesy" and not valuable to the audience which doesn't help anyone.
Victor: We are always talking to brands to see what is on their minds to make sure our content is always fresh.
Victor: Find a long form way to produce content first, like a podcast and then get shorter and shorter from there.

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