Talent Talks: DTC Electronics Product Development management with Yurii Ben

Talent Talks: DTC Electronics Product Development management with Yurii Ben

Get insights from Yurii Ben, a Product Development Manager in the consumer electronics industry, on what it takes to succeed in this dynamic role. Read the full interview now!

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In this series, we interview talented professionals in the eCommerce industry to gain insight into their experiences and learn valuable lessons from their successes and challenges. 

Today, we're thrilled to chat with Yurii Ben, a Product Development Manager in the consumer electronics industry. He'll be sharing his thoughts on the key skills and qualities required for success in this field, as well as his tips for tackling the unique challenges that come with product development in such a competitive industry. Let's dive in!

Yurii: In the past, I used to work as an engineer for a large international automotive company, with attention to technical aspects of products and its specifications. Not only did the role involve work with products itself, but also with a great focus on team cohesiveness and spirit. Always being proactive, it was decided to develop my personal skills in terms of product development and project management. 

It’s worth mentioning that Great Product managers may come from a variety of domains with absolutely different backgrounds.

Yurii: Naturally, a Product Development Manager’s role involves the whole spectrum of activities on a regular basis. The product manager is ultimately responsible for the whole product, starting from its inception all the way up to its retirement. A daily schedule will vary depending on many factors, but will definitely include some of the following:

  • Product strategy and roadmap definition
  • Market analysis
  • Product conceptualization and features development
  • Managing stakeholders and other teams
  • Commercial product analysis

All this will require a growth mindset and a lot of attention to details to oversee a Product manager’s position. 

Yurii: In today's rapidly changing environment, it’s vitally important to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies, which are constantly evolving. However, the key to success is to clearly understand who your main customers are and how the new product will help them cope with their issues. Sometimes it’s best to reach them directly, engaging your potential customers via focus groups so that receive their feedback on your product instantaneously.

Yurii: Well, it will for sure vary depending on the industry you work in and the company structure. Nonetheless, a successful product manager should utilize long term product vision and engage all the involved parties in the product development process. Soft skills is another major aspect to take into account, as this is the Product manager who puts all the pieces of the puzzle into a picture. At the end of the day, your success in this position will depend not only on you, but also on all those around you who bring the new product to market.

Yurii: It’s not a secret that there are no products and no projects without risks. We have to face up to the fact that any complex endeavor will definitely entail the whole bunch of issues. Left without appropriate attention, they will turn your life into a nightmare. But, it’s more a question of about the way you and your team treat them. There are plenty of tools and techniques for tackling them, but being in the leading position, it’s also important to tailor them and find out which specific methods are the most efficient in your case.

Yurii: If you’re passionate about becoming a Product manager, set your goals clearly, define your personal development goals and follow them. The most logical way is to take up relevant classes in order to acquire the main basics of this role. Then you’ll be ready to start your personal path as an Associate product manager. All others will depend on your willingness to push the boundaries and persistence. And lastly, NEVER SETTLE DOWN. The stars are the limit.

Thanks for joining us for this insightful interview with Yurii Ben. It was truly fascinating to gain some valuable insights into the world of product development, and we hope you found it as informative as we did.

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