Talent Talks: B2B eCommerce Marketing with Dari Bilera

Talent Talks: B2B eCommerce Marketing with Dari Bilera

Discover the essential qualities and strategies of successful B2B eCommerce marketing with Dari Bilera

Do you ever feel like your eCommerce marketing
efforts could use a breath of fresh air?
Get ready to take some pointers from Dari Bilera,
a B2B eCommerce Marketing Manager at AzonVidz,
who has worked in the industry for over four years!

In this blog post, we're going to give you an inside look at Dari's
tips and tricks for success in the world of eCommerce.
If you want to learn more about her journey, passion for the work
she does, and advice on how to make the most out of your business opportunities – read on!

Dari: I came to marketing from the world of communications and public relations, which provides an important skill set for developing B2B businesses. 

For some businesses, digital marketing tools such as online ads are enough for growth. However, for B2B companies, it can take more than just digital ads to make other businesses (target audience) aware of your brand name, the value of your product or service, and convert them into clients.

B2B marketing also focuses on building relationships, engaging and educating the target audience, building recognition in the market, and so on - that makes my experience valuable. 

Dari: While it can be tempting to focus on becoming a specialist in marketing, I believe it's more important for success to embrace the role of a generalist. This is what I learned from my experience. 

Continuous hypothesis generation, experimentation, testing, and analysis are essential in marketing. You must constantly expand your skill set, remain up-to-date with current trends and technologies, and remain open to embracing new ideas. To gain a further understanding of what I am talking about, I recommend reading "Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World" by David Epstein.

Dari: Effective B2B eCommerce marketing nowadays requires a strategy, but one that is capable of responding and adapting to changes quickly. 

I recommend creating marketing personas. Businesses have multiple decision-makers, so it's essential to know who they are so you can create tailored messages for them on the right platforms at the right times. 

Communicate with your clients to find out what helps your company succeed and use this information for your marketing. Collect feedback on various platforms. Trust and reputation are the basis of B2B marketing because each company seeks to find not a contractor, but a partner. 

Synchronize the marketing department with the sales team, develop a content marketing strategy, implement a referral system, and form partnerships with other companies in your niche.

Dari: AI content creation is having its moment in the spotlight. That's true. Particularly in discussions around whether AI tools can replace marketers, SEO specialists, writers, designers, and SMM managers. 

Want to know my opinion? I believe these tools will be excellent assistants, helping to save time and cope with a lack of inspiration, but they will not replace specialists in the near future. 

We are testing an AI writing tool for writing posts on social media. It provides helpful prompts as a baseline, but it's still necessary to edit the copy to ensure it's written in your tone of voice, telling the story you want to tell with the right sentiment and context. But, undoubtedly, this is the future and it is already here.

Dari: Maximize your productivity and effectiveness by utilizing all tools and technologies you need. But remember the fundamental purpose of marketing. Indeed, in ancient times, this science began to appear to help customers differentiate one product from another. 

In today's world, where countless companies are vying for attention with similarly polished texts and images, it's the emotional connection you create with your audience that sets you apart and drives success. 

When planning your advertising campaign, keep in mind your unique positioning, key differentiators, target audience, brand voice, visual identity, and mission to ensure that your message resonates with your audience and campaign achieves your marketing goals.

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