3 steps to successfully hire A-Players for your eСommerce business

3 steps to successfully hire A-Players for your eСommerce business

Ready To Painlessly Find Your Perfect A-Player?

Hiring A-players is a must for long-term business success and to help you with that, we’ve put together key steps on how to approach this challenging yet extremely rewarding task. Below are three steps to guide you on improving your hiring process, making your hires successful, and avoiding painful mistakes for your business.

STEP 1. Take some time to reflect on the current people structure of your business.

Then you need to highlight 3-5 main business goals for the year and what your team structure needs to be to achieve those goals. A great way to approach this is to ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the things you still do, as a business leader, that you shouldn't be doing?
  • What business areas would you like to develop from scratch or improve? Is there anyone in your business structure to take care of those?
  • What are the "fires" or issues that keep happening, and what is their root cause?

In most cases, you will realize that the professionals should address these issues, or as we call them, A-players. They will be a part of your team and assist in pushing your business to the next level.

STEP 2. Define WHO you need to hire according to your goals and bottlenecks

You need to clearly understand how success for this position looks and the person you need to hire to achieve your business goals.

To define success factors for the position, ask yourself a simple question:
What are 3-5 things that if this person(s) achieves in a year from now, I can say, "this was the best hire I could ever accomplish?"

Take your time to answer, be specific, quantify your outcomes as much as possible. Always keep YOUR business in mind and focus on crucial factors to the business's success, not "nice-to-haves."

In order to defining success factors for the person, write your core values and make sure you are hiring a person who shares all of them! Forbes on hiring and core values: "When our research tracked 20,000 new hires, 46% of them failed within 18 months. But even more surprising than the failure rate was that when new hires failed, 89% of the time it was for attitudinal reasons and only 11% of the time for a lack of skill".

When you hire people who share your values, many of your people's problems melt away. You can teach a person a skill, but it is not easy to teach values to anyone. We recommend you are clear on the values you are looking for with your team.

Once you know WHO you need to hire, we are ready to start the hiring process!
We help successful businesses hire the best A-players talent globally. With us, you can get your perfect hire - without any of the work. You just want the results, so sit back while we find your perfect hire.

STEP 3. Attract qualified candidates

This area is where most businesses and business leaders that are not professionally doing their recruitment face tremendous problems.

If you have ever spent hours and hours of your time trying to discover the right candidate in a pool full of unqualified talent, you might understand what I am talking about. You will most probably end up choosing the best person you can find at the time; not the best fit for the job.

Some tips that will help you with hiring the TOP talent:

1. Write an outstanding Job description that answers the question:
why should an A-player work with you?

A-players are often looking for a company where they can be recognized, drive development, bring changes, and really stand out. They are not only looking to get something from the company. It is crucial to understand this!

2. Proactively reach out to qualified candidates:

First, ask your team members - ask other A-players. A-players can recommend A-players.
Another effective method is to reach out to those not actively looking for a job.
In recruiting, we call them "passive candidates," or candidates already employed and working in similar capacities needed for your open role.
By intentionally seeking candidates in a similar role, we can be more confident that they will closely match in skills and qualifications.

3. Finally, the traditional search: make your job visible to the prospective candidates (generate traffic and leads).
Create a job posting on sites like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn Jobs, etc. Use the most popular sites for the market you are aiming.

Throughout your whole recruiting process, be mindful of your candidate's experience. It is a massive part of your employer brand. People share things publicly, and one unhappy candidate can ruin the reputation you have built over time.

You want this in place: Communicating with your future employees in the most professional way, as this is where their journey with your company begins. Make sure you answer all candidates politely and consistently.
  • Make the right choice FAST:

    The tricky thing with this process is that great candidates never stay on the market too long. You need to make your decision quickly. On the flip side, hiring mistakes may cost you time and money.

Pointers to help you make the right decision quicker:

  • Rule #1: Work on your funnel!
    Narrow down your candidate pool by asking applicants to submit answers to 3-5 open-ended questions.
  • You need a tracking system/hiring funnel in place, just like with any other process in your company. Without it, you'll get lost in the hiring process and probably lose some great candidates simply because of a lack of structure.
  • For technical positions, we recommend having a test task.
  • Build a top-notch interviewing process: Set up a scorecard system based on your success criteria, and involve a couple of people to check your decisions. Your set-up should include people from the team the successful candidate will directly work with.